How Do You Select The Right Foundation Shade?


Research in the makeup industry has shown that only 15% of women choose the right foundation shade provided that they are equipped with the right tools and the knowledge to choose the right shade. Remaining 85% are still choosing the wrong shades so what we can do here is we can provide information to these 85% on how to select the right foundation shade.
Follow this step by step guide to find the shade that fits perfectly with your skin tone:

1.    Choose your skin type








2.    Ask for help! Get color matched by an expert makeup artist (in store or at your salon)









3.    Collect free samples of various shades (Optional but ideal)









4.    Take into account the color of your neck








5.    Swipe different shades on your jawline








6.    Shortlist only 2 colors (nothing more)








7.    Apply each color on each side of the full face








8.    Blend like a pro

a.    Blend liquid/creams/mousse foundation with flat topped dense brushes
b.    Blend BB creams with fingers by warming them first in your hands
c.    Blend powders with large fluffy brushes
d.    Blend foundation sticks with damp beauty blender or other preferable makeup sponges








9.    Finally check the shades in daylight (ALWAYS – High Priority*)








That’s it! If the shade exactly matches your skin tone in the daylight and looks completely natural with flawless final finish then that is exactly the foundation you need in your life RIGHT AWAY!

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