Tips To Buy The Right Foundation


A lot of us have this really bad habit of choosing foundations randomly or over the internet without testing the shade or without even reading the instructions on what purpose does a particular foundation serve?

Do you want to learn the right way to pick your foundation next time?

If yes, then keep reading!


Always remember next time you plan on buying a foundation you just look for the following properties in a foundation and nothing else:

  •     Does it provide enough coverage to conceal blemishes, unevenness and other skin problems?
  •     How good is the lasting power?
  •     Is it non-comedogenic? (especially if you have acne prone skin)
  •     Is it oil free? (For oily skin types)
  •     Is it moisturizing? (For dry skin types)
  •     Does it have a good shade range and especially the exact shade as your skin? (Note: You can absolutely without any doubt drop a foundation brand no matter how amazing it is if it doesn’t have the shade matching your exact skin tone.)
  •     Does it offer effortless blending?
  •     Is the texture smooth and non-drying?

4These are the important things you need to see in a foundation next time you plan to buy one. Find here a snapshot of what’s mentioned above, save it in your phones and take it along next time you go foundation shopping!

By : Natural Health News

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